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Research & Development to Product Commercialization on contract


GLS Equipped with imported Co-rotating intermeshing Twin Screw extruder with PLC controlled touch screen operate with installed production capacity of 4500 TPA ,the Company is fully equipped to meet the challenging needs of polymer applications for the automotive, communication, Electricals , Electronics etc. In a span of about 5 years, the company has developed and supplied over 600 different products to meet diversified customer needs.

Equipped with saphosticated Laboratory Corotating Closed Intermesh Twin Screw extruder for Research Development to produce small quantity batches at fast development with minimum cost.

These extrusion lines are ideally suitable for:
  • High Performance Polymer Alloys, Blends, Compounds and Grafting
  • Toll Compounding of Specialty Engineered Products
  • Surface Science, UV, and Color Technology Fire Science and Thermal Chemistry Grafting, X-Linking, Functionality
  • Glass Fiber Reinforcement
  • Reinforced Plastics
  • Filled Plastics
  • Master batches
  • Liquid Injection
  • De-volatilization
  • Spectrophotometer - Color Quest XE for Color Matching from Hunterlab - USA
  • Computerized Universal Testing Machine(Tensile,elongation , Flexural &Compression Test)
  • Computerized Impact Tester - Notched & unnotched ( Izod & Charpy )
  • Color cabinet visual color inspection
  • Computerized Heat Deflection Temperature Apparatus
  • Computerized Vicat softening point
  • Melt Flow Index
  • Specific gravity
  • Specimen Mold ( for Tensile, Impact, Flexural HDT & Flammability as per ASTM standard)
  • Injection Molding Machine ( 75 T) for Test specimen preparation
  • Injection Molding Machine (30 T) for color matching chip
  • Flammability As per UL94 standard
  • Glow Wire Test
  • Muffle furnace Filler content analysis

  AVAILABLE EXTRUSION PROFILES IN WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITES-WPC & ENGG PLASTICS ...PLS CONTACT OUR SISTER CONCERN organisation E3 EXTRUSION INCfor more info Contact e mail : ganesh@e3extrusion.com www.e3extrusion.com